Which is Best?

Luke asked me in a blog post to choose my favorite post. Unfortunately this posed a teeny problem for me. I could not choose! So here is a list of my top 10, plus a “few” runners up. Which one do you think should be my top post?

Top 10

Mom Can’t Use a Hammer
Phillip’s opinion as he watches me trying to put a nail in the wall

A Great Mother’s Day Gift
Pictures of the kids on Mother’s Day

Almost an Artist
Me learning to make Flag cards

I will NOT mop
A clash of wills between me and the floor

7 Things About Me
A few things about me that you might not know

Peter’s Ponderings
A 3 year old’s perspective

Turn on my Lights
Communication (or lack of) between 2 young boys

Independence Day 2008
4th of July Pictures

Do You Think I’m Pretty?
the honesty of children

Scary Bathrooms
a 2 year olds view of no touch bathrooms

Runners Up

Short Term Toy
11 Ways to Beat Time at His own Game
One More Birthday
Forget Perfection! Give Me Speed!
A Time to Scream
Pet Pine Cones
Sports and Computer Games

2 thoughts on “Which is Best?

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  2. Dani

    I really like the 7 things about me post… That’s probably my favorite…

    2nd place are the 4th of July pics. They are just too cute!!!!

    although I have to say that I’m really interested in the bathroom post… the linky wasn’t working. 😉


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