Monthly Archives: August 2007

Peter’s Excellent Hearing

Billy (a visiting friend): mvieoaijiaknb kldcj
Luke: What?
Billy: fmcaeioainrkane
Luke: Maybe you should swallow your hamburger and then tell me.
Tabetha: No, Billy, there are no more hamburgers.
Luke: Oh, you could understand him? I couldn’t because his mouth was full.
Peter: I could hear him because my mouth is full, too!

The other day, I heard a loud thump followed by Phillip’s crying. I rushed into the living room where the thump had come from and found Phillip laying on the floor with a guilty Peter looking on. When I asked what happened, I discovered that Phillip had been laying on the back of the couch (a no-no at our house) and Peter had pushed him off. When I asked him why, he said, “I heard foot steps in the hall, and I didn’t want Phillip to get in trouble, so I pushed him off!” I did not see the humor in this until I told Luke and watched him burst into laughter at his son’s logic!

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