Results of Favorite Smells Group Writing Project

When I read some of your “Favorite Smells” lists, my mind was refreshed to some favorite smells I overlooked in my list.

Em reminded me that I like the smell of freshly shampooed hair. The funny thing is, I never smell my own hair. It is usually on of my kids when they sit next to me.

Luke reminded me that I love the smell of oranges. There is something about the smell of an orange that makes you just have to eat one! I can look at one all day with no temptation, but the smell….. There is no scent that matches it. I don’t care for dish detergents and other artificial citrus scents, though. It has to be the real thing!

Dani reminded me that I like the smell of dryer sheets. I like the smell of the dryer sheets by themselves, but the best part is to smell them from outside when you walk by the vent to the dryer.

Thanks to those who participated! It was nice to share and even nicer to realize that I am not the only smelly one around! 🙂

If you are sorry to have missed this opportunity, take a peek at the end of this month to see what next month’s “My Favorite Things” group writing project will be!

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