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Acrostic Ice Breaker

Luke suggested a cool idea for getting your brain to cooperate while writing a blog post. The idea is to choose a word and make an acrostic for it. It is interesting how much you can get to know a person this way.

I had fun writing this acrostic about a sweater and hope that you will participate as well. If you do, please link to Luke’s original post, so he can enjoy your participation in his acrostic project! Have fun!

Soft –
The sweater I have in mind is very soft and comfortable. Because of this it is also…

Well worn –
Who can help wearing a favorite sweater even after it is well worn and ugly? Because I wear it alot, it has many occasions to be….

Electric –
Ever pull a sweater from the dryer and practically watch sparks fly as you pull another piece of clothing from it? Of course I have to be careful when drying it because it is 43%…

Acrylic –
Of course despite the fact that it is acrylic, it is one of my favorites, so it is…

Turned to time after time –
Unfortunately turning to it time after time can also be…

Embarrassing –
I am sure you are saying that I shouldn’t be embarrassed to wear my favorite sweater, but I guess I am weird. I never wear it to church any more because it looks old and worn. The only thing that makes up for its old and worn look is the fact that it is…

Rust colored –
Sweaters this color remind me of carpet or something old. In my opinion the fact that it looks old and worn tells the truth about it, and that is what makes it the perfect favorite sweater!

Another Man’s Treasure

I am not quite sure how it happened this way, but somehow I have always lived in a college city. I am used to it, but apparently I am not used to students in Rhode Island at the end of the school year.

You see, here in Rhode Island it is common practice to set any furniture or useful things that you have to get rid of on the curb outside your house. That way it can be “recycled” by a passerby who has a need for the item(s). We have set things we no longer needed out on the curb several times, and it was taken within a few hours!!

Graduation at Brown University was this past weekend. We happened to drive by the college yesterday and ended up bringing home a whole van load of brand new looking furniture! And I must say that it was just in time, since my mom just moved here, and we needed a bit more furniture to accommodate her.

The best part is that while we were looking at the furniture “displayed” on the curb, one of the college students came out and asked if we had use for a desk and chest of drawers. After I agreed that we could use them, he went inside, took the pieces of furniture apart, and brought them out to us to load in our van!!

So, here we sit enjoying our “new to us” furniture! I am sure we will be returning the favor to passerbys of our house in the near future! And the recycle continues on and on and on and on and………….

Apple Fans

My family loves apples. We love to eat them, we love to play games about them, and we love to play on them. If I had been on top of it, I could give you a picture of them doing all three at once, but it is never good to eat an apple while you are playing on one because you might take a bit of the wrong apple (is that what happened)?

Since I can’t provide you with a picture of all three at once, I will at least give you proof that they are indeed apple fans. Here goes!

First, we took pictures of them all on the couch.



Because all the shirts are the exact same size, we had to so some shots of the kids standing up, so you can see the lenght of the shirts on each child.


At this point, Candice decided to show off by running up, smiling for the camera, and then running away! (Notice, she isn’t wearing a black shirt. It would have become a baby  swallowing monster on her! Maybe in a few  years)!


Then we decided to get a shot of each child individually. Gotta thoroughly show off those OS X shirts (lovingly called “the X shirts”)!!





Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-05-24

  • I am ashamed to admit that I am about a month behind on my husband’s blog!! 🙁 #
  • Lost 9-10 pounds so far on the south beach diet!! Woo-hoo!! #
  • I have 1000+ unread items in google reader! Did I mention that I am just a teeny weeny bit busy lately? #
  • I now have google reader down to 138 unread posts!! Yes, I deleted some that are not urgent, but don’t worry! None of them were tweeters! #
  • Considering buying a hair kit for cutting a man’s hair. Anyone know which ones are better than others, & which to definitely not get? 🙂 #
  • Are you willing to help a nonprofit organization without paying a penny? #
  • Here’s simpler explanation. Please read. #

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