Monthly Archives: December 2007

Almost an Artist

Drawing is something I never considered myself able to do. It was probably due to the fact that I tend to be a perfectionist, and my older sister was a great artist. What I drew could not compare with what she could, so I didn’t even try.

Several months ago, Luke suggested we, as a family, draw flags of every country and make a game out of memorizing them (he did this as a child). I agreed as long as I didn’t have to draw them. It soon became quite evident that, although Luke did a great job, he couldn’t keep up with 3 “colorers.” So I volunteered to make some of the more simple cards, like Japan, which only has a circle in the center. 🙂

We finally came to a section that contained no “easy” flags, so I took one a little more difficult. It surprised me when Luke could actually look at the picture and tell what I had drawn when I attempted to draw a dragon!

Since then, I have become a little bolder, and in the process, have realized that I’m not a wonderful artist, but what I draw can at least be recognized.

Luke and I have discovered that he does things with curves, like birds, better than me, and I do straight lines, like stars, better than he does. So sometimes, we each will draw what we can do the best and then pass the card off to the other. And as we had already discovered years ago, we make a better team than we ever could individually. 🙂

Short Term Toy

The other day Anna found a zip tie on the floor at Wal-Mart and picked it up to play with. (Funny how such simple things are fun to play with when nothing else is available).

Toward the end of the shopping trip, I pushed the cart and jerked Anna with it. I looked at her a little baffled only to see her embarrassed look as she pointed out that she had zip-tied her belt loop to the shopping cart. I couldn’t help laughing, and she took it well and laughed along.

I had absolutely nothing to use to set her free, but there happened to be a friendly-looking employee close by. I kindly asked him if he has scissors or a knife, and he apologetically shook his head. After pointing out our situation, he remembered his box opener and set her free. We had a good laugh over it, and I think Anna was quite relieved not to have to walk across the store tied very tightly to the shopping cart!