Monthly Archives: March 2006

The Auditory Washer

Today AM asked me if a favorite shirt was clean, and I responded with, “It is being washed as we speak.” A few minutes later AM said,”So it will be clean when we stop talking?” I totally didn’t get it and said, “No, it will be clean when the washer stops.” She said, “But you said it would be clean when we were done talking.” I said, “No, I said….” Then it clicked. I had said that the shirt was being washed “as we speak”, which to her meant that when we stopped speaking it would be clean. Isn’t the English language so confusing? Especially for a 6 year old!!

The Diaper Mystery

I left B in the nursery at church for the first time Sunday. When I got her home, I was a little boggled because her diaper looked different. Then I discovered why!! It was on backwards!! I mean with the nice colorful panel and the tabs in the back! The only way it could have been put on her that way is if she was laying on her stomach!! It must have been purposefully put on her backwards. I will have to ask the nursery workers about this mystery!