Monthly Archives: December 2005

Peter’s Ponderings

That title sounds like a daily newspaper heading or something! Anyway, it’s been a while since I put anything on here!! That can be due to the fact that I was working on my last projects and finals, and now I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!

Okay, back to the title. P seems to be at that age where cute things just come out of his mouth. Here are two of his recent ponderings:

As we were leaving K-Mart on Wednesday, we stopped at the door to put our coats on. When we were about done P stepped on the door pad, which opened the door. He stood there a minute without moving, so the door began to close. P said, “No, door, no!! Don’t close” I then stepped on the automatic pad, the door opened, and we walked through. We weren’t quite out of the doorway when P called back, “Thank you, door!”

As we were riding in the car that same day, AM was asking P if she could play with a toy Peter was playing with. He refused every time she asked (which was about every 3 seconds). So I suggested to AM that she stop asking him for awhile. When she asked why, I said “Because if you give him a little time, he might change his mind.” She seemed satisfied with that answer, but it was obvious that Peter was not when he said, “NO!! I want to keep my mind!”

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Phillip’s Phun

Hey, these titles could get fun!! Anyway, here is something cute Phillip did. He put a stuffed bunny in his shirt and said he was going to have a baby like mommy. After a few minutees, he pulled the bunny out, and said, “I took my baby out!” Then he turned to me and said, “Mommy, take your baby out!” I tried to tell him that I could not take the baby out, but I think he just thought I was no “phun.” After a few minutes, he gave up on the idea and stuffed the bunny back in his shirt.

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Just a short little update about AM’s punishment. It has been over now for a week. She has been able to use everything she did not have access to for a while due to her bullying. I am happy to say that the grounding seemed to work!! Not only has she stopped hitting, but she has stopped yelling, and her whole personality seems to have changed for the better. She plays with her brothers rather than at them, if that makes sense. She allows them to make the rules sometimes (although she still may alter them a bit), and she does not yell like she’s in pain every time something doesn’t go her way! I am thoroughly pleased!!

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Phones Mean Noise!!

What is it about talking on the phone that causes children to go haywire? The kids can be perfectly content and playing in their room…until I dial a phone number. Then their little radar detectors go off, and they all flock to the living room!

I don’t have a clue how they can tell from down the hall that Mommy is on the phone, but they come faster then than when I call them to the living room!! Maybe I should pick up the phone and pretend to talk every time I want them to come quickly. Nope, it probably wouldn’t work because their radar detectors wouldn’t go off! Oh well!

Maybe I should always have something in mind that I need done. Then when they come into the living room, I can say, “Hey, I’m so glad you came in here. The floor needs swept.” If I kept that up, it would eventually get to the point where when they came into the room, I could just point at the job to be done without saying a word, and they’d get busy (yeah right!!) 🙂 It is more likely that they’ll walk in the room, see me on the phone, and tiptoe back to their room as fast as their little legs will carry them. Either way I get a peaceful phone conversation! I’ll have to experiment and see if it works.

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How Ironic! (or is it?)

Isn’t it ironic that when you are pregnant, your center of gravity changes so that you drop things a lot? It is not easy during the late stages of pregnancy to pick something up. And what about all those bathroom trips? Aren’t you supposed to get more rest when you are pregnant?

As I was thinking about these things, I was struck by an answer. Who knows whether it is the right answer, but it seems worth pondering anyway! Maybe the reason you drop things is so you’ll pick them up! Sound crazy? Everybody that has been in the late stages of pregnancy can tell you that bending over to pick something up is not an option. You kind of have to squat because of your large belly. Supposedly squats are good for pregnant women, yet who would do them by choice? (Well I’m sure some would, but it is so uncomfortable and sometimes painful)! Maybe you drop things to help you practice those healthy squats!! And maybe the bathroom trips are to get you prepared for waking up for night feedings.

There’s my personal logic. It may be a bunch of bologna. If so, don’t tell me. It satisfies me to think there is a good reason for these things!! Even if there weren’t, though, the precious prize you get at the end of it all would be worth it, huh! Okay, never mind!! You can tell me if I’m wrong!! 🙂

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I sent an email to my husband, and he mentioned that it would be a great blog entry. I was kind of surprised, and my response was “really?!” I thought it was too simple to post. I have a lot to learn, huh? Here is what it said:

It is absolutely beautiful outside!!! The clouds from this morning are gone, and the sun is blindingly bright (which is welcome at this time of year). I went out to the mail box without a jacket and was not cold. Of course if I stayed out long, I would need a jacket! If the kids weren’t sick, I’d let them go out today!

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Nose digging

More cuteness from my 3 year old. He has a cold and had a crusty nose (I know it’s gross – and I don’t mean big) I knew he was a little uncomfortable as I cleaned it with tissue. Wouldn’t you be if someone else was cleaning your nose? I guess he was more uncomfortable than I thought because he said, “Mommy, that was my teeth!” Evidently he thought I was digging deep!!

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