Me? A Damsel in Distress?

For some reason I do not like to come across as a damsel in distress. I am not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was a tomboy during my childhood years.

Yesterday at the grocery store, I was only getting a few things, so I did not get a cart or a basket to put my stuff in. The funny thing is that as I walked I kept seeing things I had forgotten to put on my list. So by the time I got to checkout, I was juggling 3 bottles of juice, a bag of carrots, a box of cereal, a bag of soy nuts, a package of lunch meat, a bag of onions, and a paper bag full of apples.

Because there was a line at the self checkout (which I go to a lot) and I was using both hands and my chin to hold everything, I cut in front of a guy just long enough to get a basket (with handles) to put my stuff in. The guy had to hand it to me because if I were to bend over to get it myself, I would drop half my stuff!

I managed to cram it all in the basket except for the orange juice and the bag of apples, both of which had handles. I had it all under control with a basket of food in one hand and the juice and apples in the other.

So far, so good! So far, I had managed myself acceptably well and still did not come across too much as a “wimpy” damsel in distress.

Just as that thought was slipping my mind, the handle to the apple bag broke and apples went everywhere. So, as I sat there dumbly looking at the broken bag, 3 “knights in shining armor” scrambled around chasing the apples that had just gone all over the floor!

Um…..maybe damsels in distress aren’t so wimpy after all? I hope not, anyway! 😐

1 thought on “Me? A Damsel in Distress?

  1. Dani

    Hope the apples didn’t get too bruised. Cullen is notorious for refusing to grocery shop with a cart. In his mind if it doesn’t fit in a shopping basket we don’t need it.


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