Monthly Archives: January 2006

A Well-known Story Revised

I have heard a story many times during different sermons that just inspired me. I can’t remember all the details, so I’ll do the best I can. Supposedly there was a man who was driving his car along a major highway. When he topped a hill, he noticed that the bridge was out in front of him. Somehow he managed to stop before going over the edge, turned around, and went back to try to stop other drivers before they drove off the bridge (which would undoubtedly end in death). He tried and tried to wave and yell at drivers trying to communicate the problem to them. The only problem was that nobody would listen to him.

I always assumed that this story was aimed at people who needed Christ in their lives and were facing that death themselves. They need to listen to those who are trying to communicate a serious problem to them. About a week ago, I saw the story in a different light. I pictured myself as the man who was working furiously to warn others about the danger. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if the man said things like these?

“They are too busy for me.”
“They are obviously in a hurry.”
“I might look foolish.”
“What if I don’t say it the right way?”
“What will they think?”
“I will tell them later.”
……Add any excuse here.

All these things seem like silly things to even think of when somebody is heading in a path that leads to (spiritual) death. The urgency of the message to be given overrides any available excuse! So what if they are in a hurry or we may be perceived as fools. We need to get out there and try with sincere faith and love regardless! There are lives to be saved!!!

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Lovely Day

What an absolutely gorgeous day!!! The kids actually got to play outside today without me worrying that they will get sick! It is beautiful out there!

Anyway, we will not be traveling this weekend. That is both a disappointment and a relief. I wanted to see my family again, yet I am relieved not to have to worry that I will have a baby away from home. For those of you who actually read my blog last night and prayed for us, thank you!

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Baby Time (almost)

Well, I am now less than 5 weeks from my due date. The doctor told me today that it would be safe for me to deliver any time after 36 weeks. I was excited at first because I am ready to have this baby. Not only am I tired of carrying her and not being able to hold my other kids in my lap, but I want to know what she looks like!!

Only one problem. I may be traveling 5 hours away from my doctor this weekend. I really don’t want to have this baby in Oxford! So, a little prayer for me (and Bethany) would be much appreciated! Meanwhile, after this weekend, I will patiently await the arrival of a new daughter!

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Headless trucks

Yesterday, when I arrived to pick L up from work, AM had an interesting question. She said, “Mommy, why do those trucks stick their heads in a hole?” She had me completely boggled until I looked over at the warehouse where many large trucks had backed up to drop off a load. They had detached the truck fronts from the trailors, so to young eyes, it looked like they had pulled their fronts up into the building! It was really weird to get this new perspective on it. If I didn’t know any better, I might have thought the same thing!

Interesting how what we know in our minds sometimes keeps us from seeing things from a different perspective. Anyway, I explained to her what had happened and told her she would have to watch a truck back up and detach sometime. She probably will not fully understand until she sees it for herself. Maybe I’ll try to draw her a picture to illustrate. Nah! She won’t be able to tell what the picture is of! She would probably re-draw my picture and make it look better!! Oh well! Maybe I’ll try drawing it anyway. Her ability to draw it better might be good for me!

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