Monthly Archives: August 2006

Embarrassing Moment

On Friday, I took all the kids to Wal-Mart in our station wagon (which is now for sale if anybody wants an old station wagon that runs…C'mon, you know you want one 🙂 P sits in the back of the station wagon facing the rear of the vehicle. We parked right next to a cart rack. As I was leaning in the stroller with my back to the rack, P said, “A girl!! A girl!!” Like it was the end of the world to see one of those things. So I said playfully (and very loudly), “Oh no!!! A girl!!!” Then I turned around to see a blonde, long  and curly haired GUY retrieving carts from the rack!! Since P was in the car, the guy did not hear what he had said. I know he heard me!! I was SO totally embarrassed. All I could do was pretend I didn't even know the guy was there as I mumbled under my breath “Thanks Peter.”

If you get technical….

When AM went to get dressed this morning, she realized she only had one clean shirt (I know, I know!! I'm way behind on laundry!!). When she realized that the only shirt she had was one that she doesn't like very much, she said, “Mom, I don't want to wear that shirt.” I replied with, “Well that's your only choice.” Then I went into the kitchen. She followed me, and here's how the conversation went.

AM: “So it's okay to just wear my PJs all day?”

me: “No, you have to get dressed.”

AM: “So, I have to wear the shirt I don't like.”

me: “yes.”

AM: “Okay. So really, I have no choice. You said I had a choice, but I don't get to choose at all. That confused me.”

me: (with eyebrows raised in surprise) “I guess you are right. I should have said, 'You have no choice.'”

It is a humbling experience to be corrected by your 6 year old daughter. I guess I better get used to it!!


We are moving in a few weeks, and we have sold our table already. So we have been eating on the floor (off plates, of course)! The kids had been eating apple and had bits of apple and seeds still on their plates on the floor. While I was distracted sweeping the floor, I said, “Peter, dump those plates in the trash.” Peter, the one who likes to hear everything repeated, said, “Mom, did you say dump the plates in the trash?” I said, “yes,” and continued sweeping. The next thing I know, Peter has dumped 2 plates of apple leftovers on the floor and looked very excited to be the one to get to do it. I had my mouth open to reprimand him when I let my ears hear what we had just said. I had told him to dump them in the floor, he asked me (probably in disbelief) if I told him to dump them on the floor, and then he proceeded to obey very quickly. Never in his life has he obeyed quite that quickly!! He was probably afraid I would take it back if he didn't hurry! Peter did not get the reprimand I had ready to give him. We just got a good laugh over it! Maybe next time my mouth will say what my brain told it to!!