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A Look into the Past

I was looking back at my old facebook posts and decided to share my favorites:

4yo just said, “Mom, my bottom just coughed!” Guess that’s the new politically correct way to say it!        ~ Bethany

Oops! I just accidentally referred to the little communion cups as shot glasses!
~ Tabetha

In an attempt to encourage my 4YO’s art work, I asked her what she was drawing. She said, “throw up in a trash can.” Oh…so glad I asked!    ~ Bethany

Oh, Silence, you are such a mystery, but if you explained yourself, you would give up your whole identity!      ~ Tabetha

4YO to 7YO, “I will never like you again!” Me, “That wasn’t very nice.” 4YO, “OK, Peter, I’ll like you tomorrow.”  ~Peter and Bethany

My 2YO just looked at my brownie batter and said, “Mom, can we eat mud?”
~ Bethany

Phillip (8), “Mom, can a bunny fly faster than an eagle can hop?” Now he’s beginning to sound like me!

As we were walking along obviously about to get drenched in the rain, Anna (11) said, “Oh well! Don’t cry over spilled clouds.”

Bethany wanted to wear her crocs today, so she asked me, “Mom, can I wear my crock pots?”  ~ Bethany (age 5)

I was looking all over for the red stuff Bethany (5) said was floating in the sky. Then I realized she was referring to the sunset!

Candice very respectfully said, “Mom, will you peas dit out da way?” (age 2)

Me: “Mom needs a bib” – Bethany: “ha ha! Mom’s gonna use a bib” – Me: “not for me! For the baby” Bethany (disappointedly): “Oh.”   (age 5)

I must be tired. I just looked for pajamas in the refrigerator!  ~Tabetha


A Preview

Today Phillip came and asked me where the checkbook is. I was thinking Maybe Luke asked him to look at it for part of school? But he’s not here! Maybe he got back and sent Phillip for it for some reason? But I just said, “Why?” He said, “Because I need to look at it.” Now I was really curious! Why does he need to look at the checkbook? Isn’t he a little young for this? I just looked at him a bit confused, and he said, “I need it for school.”

Then it dawned on me. He was referring to the score key for his school work!! Mystery solved!

But maybe I just got a little preview of what may be coming in a few years?

Raining the Right Direction?

While driving this evening in the rain, I had this conversation with my sons.

Phillip: Mom, is it raining the right direction for trees and flowers to grow?

me: What?

Phillip: Is it raining the right direction for trees and flowers to grow?

me: Yes, it is. (although not sure what he’s talking about)

Peter: What, Mom?

me: I said it is raining the right direction for stuff to grow.

Phillip: Oh, then that means the church will grow now! (with a smirk)

I think Phillip has learned a bit of sarcasm. Wonder where he picked that up? 😀

A New Hand

While at our church‘s Fun Fair this past Saturday, I was holding Candice’s hand while we waited in line for a slush. I let go of her for a few seconds and then took her hand again. After a few minutes I looked down to an adorable little girl with long dark curly hair and eyes of unrecognition! I was holding the wrong little girl’s hand!

I said, “Oh! You’re not my little girl!” and she smiled a bit sheepishly. Evidently she reached up for my hand as unobservantly as I reached down for hers! After making sure she found her mommy, I went on my way with Candice!

Confused Doctor

This is a monologue from back in January that I never posted. I think this was Phillip.*

Let me take your temperature.
Tick, tick, tick!
Yep, you’re still alive.
Now let’s take your pulse.
Wow! 120! You’re burning up!
We need to get you to the hospital quick.

*Anna just informed me that he may have gotten this idea from his uncle. 😉 Still funny, though!

Back to Stay?

I have taken quite a vacation from my blog! Have you missed me? Oh well! Even if you haven’t, you’ll have to put up with my writings about daily life. I have missed sharing it with you. Stay tuned for more every day details and the continuation of my 100 Things series.

We’ll start off with some sayings from (almost) 4 year old Bethany. (If you follow me on twitter, these may sound a bit familiar).

“I was a pencil, but then I grew up into a person.”

“Boys don’t have brains because they can’t talk.”

Bethany (to Peter): “I will never like you again!”
Me: “That wasn’t very nice.”
Bethany: “OK, Peter, I’ll like you tomorrow.”

By a Quiet Stream

A 7 Year Old’s Prayer

Today I told the kids that we should pray for someone we love, who does not know Jesus. Peter’s response brought tears to my eyes. He said, “I’ll pray for him right now.” Then he folded his hands, leaned his forehead against the wall where he was standing, and kept his head bowed for a full minute, praying for his unsaved loved one. When he was done praying, he wiped his eyes and said, “I really want him to have Jesus in his heart.”

Pretty in Pink – Part 3

You have seen Candice and Bethany separately in the pictures I took at church. Here they are together.