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Snowed Out

Well, we are getting a bit of snow, and it is supposed to get down to -7 tonight. Since we had extra kids here sleeping over, we have to take them home. Then we are going to share New Year’s Eve with friends, so we could possibly get snowed out instead of snowed in. But, hey, at least we will be having fun with friends, right?

Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are, “weather” it be hot or cold. 😀

Journey Incomplete – Part 1

Have you ever walked down a road that was difficult, yet found yourself looking forward to walking down a similar road again? It almost sounds crazy, but I assure you it is not.

Five years ago, I began walking down one of those roads, and I am still on that same journey. It began when I looked at myself from the inside out and tried to see myself from another person’s perspective. It was mind-blowing to discover that I did not like what I saw. What? I look like THAT? me???

I knew that God was not pleased with what He saw. I also knew that He was willing to melt me down like gold and skim off the impurities. It is a painful process, but it is so absolutely worth it!

Wow! This is turning into a major blog post series! Stay tuned for more!

Tabetha’s Tweets 2008-12-28

  • My 2YO is so cute when she says, “Mommy, where my ballaweena shoes?” #
  • eating uncooked oatmeal in apple juice with honey. #
  • Merry Christmas!!!!!!! #
  • @lgedeon CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! in reply to lgedeon #
  • Said to my 2YO, “I can’t believe I have such a big girl.” This inspired my 6YO to say, “I can’t believe I have such a big mom.” #
  • My 2YO fell asleep at 4:30, woke up about an hour ago, and is still going an hour later at 10pm…but she is in a very pleaseant mood. 🙂 #
  • Retweet: @lgedeon Wow! Our kleenex box got the snot beat out of it. #

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Camera Shy?

Candice is a bit camera shy. Can you tell? 😀

Christmas 2008

Tonight we had our family Christmas time and then we got to spend the rest of the day with two other families from church. We don’t seem to get the opportunity to get together often just to enjoy each other’s company, so today was a big treat! We ate finger foods, played board games, and joked with each other! Thanks to the Reynolds’ family for having us over and being very hospitable.

I have to tell you that playing board games is one of my favorite things to do with a group. If someone pulls out a board game, it is hard for me to say “no.” I am a fun-aholic and actually have a difficult time stopping once I have started. Anyone else have that problem? What is your favorite thing to do with a group?

Unexpected Christmas Tree

Several weeks ago, a friend of ours let us borrow a Christmas tree that they would not be using. Since we have a family tradition of spending Friday evenings together as a family, we decided to spend the next Friday decorating for Christmas.

We were very pleased that our friend also loaned us Christmas lights, and the best part was that the lights were blue (both Luke’s and my favorite color)!!

Other than the lights, we went the old fashioned way with decorations. We strung popcorn and hung anything pretty, including jewelry on it! And we did it all to the sound of Christmas music on pandora.

We also made a paper chain counting down the days until Christmas. We cut out slips of paper and divided them between the four older kids. They each colored the same amount of links, and we put them on the chain so that the kids got to take turns taking off the links they created themselves! I think they had a blast!! I know I did!

After making the chain and decorating the tree, we sat on the couch with popcorn and watched The Grinch while staring at our newly decorated borrowed Christmas tree.

What type of decorations do you have up at your house this year? Are there certain traditions that you follow each year?

Favorite Post of 2008

Joanna Young at Confident Writing is doing a group writing project entitled “Simply the Best.” If you are interested in participating, here are the rules.

If you are interested in participating in Joanne’s group writing project but have no idea where to start, hop on over to Robert Hruzek’s blogapalooza to get started. This will get you started by allowing you to choose your favorite post from every month of 2008. Once you have it down to twelve, it is a bit easier to narrow it down to a single blog post.

I had a bit of a hard time choosing my favorite post because…..well….that’s a lot of writing to choose from. I almost picked A Great Mother’s Day because it has great (almost) professional pictures of my children.

Name that Kid was almost chosen because it is a great example of my life with five children. It it also helping me to remember to use my children’s names when I speak to them.

Even though the choice was hard, I like Scary Bathrooms best….barely. It is simply the best because it helps you to think like a child again. This post allows you to step into a two year old’s mind and see how he views modern technology in bathrooms.

I know what you are thinking. How do I know what it is like to be in the mind of a two year old? No, that is not my mental age. I just happen to have had 4 two year olds within the last 6 years and therefore have a bit experience with them. Six more years like the previous six, and I might actually have the mental age of a two year old! 🙂

So, now that your questions are put to rest, go ahead and read my favorite post (on my blog) and then take a peek at my husband’s favorite post from his blog.

Tabetha’s Tweets 2008-12-21

  • Only I could mess up Ramen noodles! #
  • @simpsonsparadox Maybe one of your close by friends who reads your blog will get you a new tea kettle for Christmas! 😉 in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • @lgedeon You sound like a poet! Glad you are getting to thoroughly enjoy the nice weather! 🙂 in reply to lgedeon #
  • I talk too much! #
  • @roberthruzek Ooh!! I LOVE Colorado! in reply to roberthruzek #
  • For those of you who don’t know it, I have 5 wonderful kids! Why would God bless me with so much awesomeness?! Thank you, Lord! #
  • My 11 mo old is rejecting cheerios for green beans #
  • @simpsonsparadox Funny….my gmail isn’t working. in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • @lgedeon Of course you are! Why do you think I married you? And I love seeing our daughters crawling all over you! 🙂 in reply to lgedeon #
  • I just read about a plugin written by a tech and had to ask my husband, “What does it do. Translate please.” #
  • @HelloKit Dandruff? There are special shampoos for that! 🙂 in reply to HelloKit #
  • @jbhoward Some of those make sense, but why would you edit or design your own children? LOL! 🙂 in reply to jbhoward #
  • I wish my 2YO didn’t make an “m” sound instead of “n” in the word “down.” #
  • I’m on a sarcastic role this morning. I better back down before people start taking me seriously! 🙂 #
  • @jbhoward I actually saw the semi-colon after I typed the reply. But it was still fun to say! 🙂 in reply to jbhoward #
  • Wow!! It is warmer here in Rhode island than in Texas and many other southern statese!! #
  • @Kellyschaos It must be an exciting day for snow-loving Californians!! in reply to Kellyschaos #
  • Good grief, it is 30 degrees cooler in some parts of California than it is here! #
  • Supposed to be wet and/or icy until Christmas. #
  • @stretchmarkmama You sound like Dr. Seuss! 🙂 in reply to stretchmarkmama #
  • @stretchmarkmama Wait a minute! That is to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas! You should write the whole song! in reply to stretchmarkmama #
  • @stretchmarkmama 12 hours of Mommyhood with a Dr. Seuss style! in reply to stretchmarkmama #
  • Don’t let gov’t take away your influence in the lives of your children! #
  • My 11 mo old is a bottomless pit!!! #
  • @MaxLucado Will you help me spread the word about and their goal of protecting America’s children? in reply to MaxLucado #
  • Please go to and sign a petition. #
  • My 2YO woke up dry the last 2 mornings…it just took putting her down in undies an dletting her wet one night! She hates being wet! #
  • AAAAHHHHHH! I”ve been tagged!!! 🙂 #
  • @NatalieGrant Will you help me spread the word about and their goal of protecting America’s children? in reply to NatalieGrant #
  • @patsyclairmont Will you help me spread the word about and their goal of protecting America’s children? in reply to patsyclairmont #
  • My 5YO is learning to make his “R” sound correctly! He has to work hard at it each time, but he is doing great!! #
  • My 5YO is teaching himself to read from the bits and pieces he’s heard as I have been teaching my 6YO to read. #
  • My 11 mo old has a 103 degree fever. 🙁 #
  • @roberthruzek I saw! Cool! I hope to join the game of tag in a few days! in reply to roberthruzek #
  • I’m so excited that my 2YO is well on her way to being fully (at night too) potty trained!! 3 nights straight!! #
  • @darkmater I didn’t know usb powered gloves existed! 🙂 in reply to darkmater #
  • @roberthruzek Would help ya if I could, but, well, I have no pity for people with over 600 friends. 🙂 No, I really would if I could. in reply to roberthruzek #
  • @roberthruzek Oh….wait….can I take my pretty dumb reply back? You were retweeting…says it plain as day! in reply to roberthruzek #
  • My 11 mo old is playing peek-a-boo wiht my shirt tail while she is nursing….multi-tasking already! #
  • @roberthruzek LOL! in reply to roberthruzek #
  • looks like most RI schools are closed tomorrow for snow. Wonder when it will start falling? #
  • Checked the weather….snow begins falling around noon tomorrow, & 6-12 in is expected for our area! Ready for a snow man & hot chocolate! #
  • Going to bed at 1 am! Why is the morning always in such a rush to get here? 🙂 #
  • @lgedeon But I definitely don’t suggest trying to give it the attention it deserves while driving. 😉 in reply to lgedeon #
  • My 8YO is savoring a single M&M for like 5 minutes! #
  • It’s snowing, It’s Snowing, we soon will be throwing!! #
  • Nothing better than snow to motivate the kids to clean their room…it has to be clean before they get to go out to enjoy the snow! #
  • 2 inches and counting…… #
  • Hubby & kids are sledding. I’m home with a feverish baby. #
  • We are at 6 inches. I’ve only seen that much snow once in my life. My southerness is showing! #
  • 11 mo old’s temp is over 105. Calling doc again….. #
  • Took 11 mo old to doc 2day w/ no diagnosis…heading to ER b/c fever still high. Please pray that they find the cause. #
  • @Kellyschaos Thanks so much! in reply to Kellyschaos #
  • Also, please pray for me as I drive in 6 inches of snow…never done that before. #
  • Dr. suspects roseola #
  • @simpsonsparadox Thanks. We are home now, and the medicine still has her fever down. 🙂 in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • Came home with an (almost) diagnosis of roseola. #
  • 11 mo old is fever free! Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and my driving in the weather last night! 🙂 #
  • Just shoveled snow for the first time in my life! Wasn’t too bad, but I sure am glad we don’t have a large driveway!;) #
  • Just made a snowman…in the rain. It is taller than me, but that really isn’t saying much! 😀 #
  • harmonizing with Bing Crosby on #
  • @rocksinmydryer Me too. I always considered myself a good speller, but I misspelled that one until college! in reply to rocksinmydryer #
  • @stretchmarkmama Funny. I shoved the porch today using a board. Tried the dustpan, but a broken dustpan doesn’t shovel snow well. 🙂 in reply to stretchmarkmama #
  • @stretchmarkmama And that porch didn’t much like being shoved! I actually meant to say that I shoveled it (or boarded it if you wanna ge … in reply to stretchmarkmama #

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