Monthly Archives: April 2008

So Sew

Anna and I have been taking a home ec class together. Technically it is Anna’s home ec class for home school that I am supposed to be teaching her, but in reality we are both learning side by side. This month’s project was making a dress.

Anna picked a purple floral-like material, and since there was a lot leftover, and I was given a pattern in Bethany’s size, we made a matching dress for Bethany. We had two sewing machines, so Anna worked on one machine on her dress while I worked on the other machine on Bethany’s. My friend Christy instructed both of us at the same time. (Thanks, Christy!!)

After the dress was finished, I found myself standing in the middle of the room holding up Bethany’s dress saying, “I made a dress” in wonder! Anna said she wants to wear her new dress every Sunday. I guess there’s just something special about a dress you made yourself!




Zoei Toh and Charlie

I was introduced to the Zoei Toh videos by my father-in-law. I was very impressed with this 3 year old’s ability to remember the words to the songs and be able to carry a tune. She is absolutely adorable! Notice that there are several songs included in the video box below. Some are in English and some in Mandarin.

Charlie is also impressive in that he maintains his temper while in pain brought on by his baby brother. He is very matter of fact.

Turn Left

The other day while sitting at a red light, I told the kids we had to turn left. Here is how my conversation went with Peter:

Peter: Mom, which way is left.

me: You’ll see when we turn. Which way do you think it is?

Peter: It’s the way we will turn.

me: Well, which way do you think we will turn?

Peter: left

I gave up at this point, knowing I would get nowhere with the conversation. It reminded me too much of another conversation with Peter. He should be a lawyer!

Kind Directions

Today while looking for a library I had only been to once, I stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. You know, one of those stations that only has a small cube of a store with a mechanic sitting at the counter. The man wasn’t sure he was giving me the correct directions, so he walked out to the pumps and asked several customers until he had confirmed his directions. Then he came back and told me exactly where the library was.

The service I received at that station was impressive. He could easily have said, “I don’t know,” especially since I was not a paying customer. Instead, he went out of his way to help me.

Funny, I didn’t even look at the price of gas, but if I could remember where that station was (yes, I’m that bad with directions), I would be tempted to buy gas there now.

Two or More

I got a forward today that was actually cute enough to share. I decided to share it here. Here is what the forward said:

Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Does this count?


By the way, it is amazing how much the little girl looks like Bethany! 🙂

My Favorite Husband

He’s thoughtful. He’s kind.
He’s friendly and true.
He’s so generous
I don’t know what to do

He’s gentle. He’s loyal.
He’ll always help out
No matter the cost
And without a doubt.

He’s patient. He’s loving.
He has faith in the Lord.
He’s always had vision,
A goal to look toward.

He’s slow to get angry.
He’s hard to offend.
He’s the best man around.
He’s my best friend.

I love you, Luke!

Anna and Blue’s Clues

My kids have been watching Blue’s Clues on occasion for several years now.  If you are not familiar with Blue’s Clues and/or have no idea what it is, this video tells a little about how it got started and this one tells about the change of hosts from Steve to Joe.

This is what Anna said today while watching an episode of Blue’s Clues:

“Joe doesn’t know anything!!…….You know, I think he really knows and just acts like he doesn’t because little kids are watching it.”

So….I guess she’s no longer a believer in Blue. 🙂

The Dealer

I discovered tonight that my husband knows how to win with style. While playing Risk tonight, my best move at one point would have been to attack Anna and remove her from the game. The only problem is that I could not bring myself to put her out of the game.

Then for Luke’s turn, his best move was also to take Anna out of the game. He actually took her out and made her feel honored for going out. He told her that she would end up on his team and get to roll the dice for him. She seemed to love the idea and showed no sadness whatsoever about going out of the game.

Now that is the way to play a board game. I wish I had that skill. Maybe I will learn it from him. Of course, it may not work for me. Nobody wants to be on my team because I’m always the first one out of the game. 🙂 Oh well! You can’t blame a girl for trying!!!

Luke’s Monologue

That title almost sounds Biblical. Anyway, here is Luke’s monologue to 3 month old Candice.

You like me talking to you don’t you? Look at that smile! I used to talk to your big sister like this when she your age. I would talk to her for hours after work every day. That is why she learned to talk so early. I thought it was so cool that she was learning to talk, but now I can’t get her to stop. That is why we have to make her wear that trainer. That is what it is there for, but she keeps on talking anyway. Oh well.

Arm & Hammer

Today I was inspired to go back to my old detergent after trying a different brand. I guess store brand doesn’t always cut it! I even wrote words to a song based on the song Rubber Duckie. Go ahead! Open the song in a new tab and listen to the tune for Rubber Duckie while singing the words to my song!

Arm & Hammer, you’re the one.
Even though you are no fun,
There’s no doubt; I know it’s true.

Arm & Hammer, you clean my toys,
You get the clothes clean, even the boys’,
Arm & Hammer, I’m so glad I have you.

Every time when I
put my clothes in the wash tubby
And sometimes even my shoes
They come out no longer grubby.

Other detergents aren’t worth a dime
They do not clean half the time
They are not nearly as good as you.

Every time when I
put my clothes in the wash tubby
And sometimes even my shoes
They come out no longer grubby.

Arm & Hammer, you’re so fine
As for favorites, you are mine
Arm & Hammer, I’m glad you have stayed-
Arm & Hammer, I glad you don’t fade-
Arm & Hammer, I’m glad you have stayed true.