A Look into the Past

I was looking back at my old facebook posts and decided to share my favorites:

4yo just said, “Mom, my bottom just coughed!” Guess that’s the new politically correct way to say it!        ~ Bethany

Oops! I just accidentally referred to the little communion cups as shot glasses!
~ Tabetha

In an attempt to encourage my 4YO’s art work, I asked her what she was drawing. She said, “throw up in a trash can.” Oh…so glad I asked!    ~ Bethany

Oh, Silence, you are such a mystery, but if you explained yourself, you would give up your whole identity!      ~ Tabetha

4YO to 7YO, “I will never like you again!” Me, “That wasn’t very nice.” 4YO, “OK, Peter, I’ll like you tomorrow.”  ~Peter and Bethany

My 2YO just looked at my brownie batter and said, “Mom, can we eat mud?”
~ Bethany

Phillip (8), “Mom, can a bunny fly faster than an eagle can hop?” Now he’s beginning to sound like me!

As we were walking along obviously about to get drenched in the rain, Anna (11) said, “Oh well! Don’t cry over spilled clouds.”

Bethany wanted to wear her crocs today, so she asked me, “Mom, can I wear my crock pots?”  ~ Bethany (age 5)

I was looking all over for the red stuff Bethany (5) said was floating in the sky. Then I realized she was referring to the sunset!

Candice very respectfully said, “Mom, will you peas dit out da way?” (age 2)

Me: “Mom needs a bib” – Bethany: “ha ha! Mom’s gonna use a bib” – Me: “not for me! For the baby” Bethany (disappointedly): “Oh.”   (age 5)

I must be tired. I just looked for pajamas in the refrigerator!  ~Tabetha


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