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Busy Bethany

Bethany has become quite busy lately! She is learning to run and move faster, and I seem to be losing that ability as my tummy gets bigger and bigger! 🙂 Lately, if the statement “Where’s Bethany” comes from anyone’s mouth, you know there is a mess somewhere to be cleaned up! Here is what she accomplished today:

  • emptied an entire box of kleenex and then tried to put them back
  • partially unpacked a box of clothes from storage
  • pulled all the diapers out of her package of diapers
  • emptied a drawer of dry goods in the pantry
  • pulled half a tub of “pop up” wet wipes from the container
  • stopped the CD player and removed the CD

On the positive side, she also:

  • still enjoys “peek a boo”
  • says “I want some”
  • asks for hugs
  • points at and names facial features
  • obeys simple commands
  • knows the names of her siblings
  • calls car keys “bye bye”
  • dances to any music she hears
  • calls her favorite blanket “night night”

Despite her ability to be two messes along by the time I clean up one, I can’t imagine life without her. She is definitely the most precious 4th child I’ve ever had! 🙂

Phillip’s Turn

On April 23, Anna learned to ride a bike at the age of 7. Peter learned 3 months later on July 24 at the age of 5. This past Sunday on September 2, our little 4 year old learned to ride a bike! They are getting younger and younger (and this time it’s not just my imagination). 🙂 Next thing you know little Bethany will be up on a bike! You think? Nah!!! Give her another 6 months!

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