We are moving in a few weeks, and we have sold our table already. So we have been eating on the floor (off plates, of course)! The kids had been eating apple and had bits of apple and seeds still on their plates on the floor. While I was distracted sweeping the floor, I said, “Peter, dump those plates in the trash.” Peter, the one who likes to hear everything repeated, said, “Mom, did you say dump the plates in the trash?” I said, “yes,” and continued sweeping. The next thing I know, Peter has dumped 2 plates of apple leftovers on the floor and looked very excited to be the one to get to do it. I had my mouth open to reprimand him when I let my ears hear what we had just said. I had told him to dump them in the floor, he asked me (probably in disbelief) if I told him to dump them on the floor, and then he proceeded to obey very quickly. Never in his life has he obeyed quite that quickly!! He was probably afraid I would take it back if he didn't hurry! Peter did not get the reprimand I had ready to give him. We just got a good laugh over it! Maybe next time my mouth will say what my brain told it to!!

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