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A Great Mother’s Day Gift

For Mother’s Day, we went to the park to take nice pictures of the kids. Since the kids were already dressed up after church, we ate a picnic lunch and headed to a park with water and large rocks. (I love Rhode Island’s rocks, but that is a different post). Some of these were taken a little later because Bethany slept through most of the pictures, and I could not easily get pictures of Candice alone while outdoors. Here are my favorites!

Sleepy Head

This is what happens to me when I fall asleep on the couch and attempt to have conversation as I am on my way to bed. You can tell Luke gets a kick out of it!!

me: My head fell asleep. I just cut off the circulation. Like, duh!! Where do you think circulation comes from?

Luke: From your heart

me: (with confused look) Oh, yeah…well, my head really has fallen asleep before.

Luke: That brings new meaning to the term “sleepy head.”

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by Amanda to list 7 Things about myself, so here goes.

  1. I love bananas but they have to be the perfect ripeness. There seems to be one or two days in the life of a banana when it is perfect for eating. When at this perfect ripeness, bananas are my favorite fruit!
  2. I have a short temper. For some reason this one surprises people. I have to watch myself or I will get frustrated with someone just for not being like me. I forget that not everyone thinks in the exact same way that I do! (Praise the Lord!)
  3. I am a middle baby. It may sound a bit confusing, but even though I was the middle child in my family, I have always been treated like and have acted like the baby. Don’t get confused here. I did not say that I act like a baby. I said I acted like the baby of the family. There is a difference, albeit a small one. 🙂
  4. I make it a habit to stick my hand in the toilet. Well, maybe that’s going a bit overboard, but I have stuck my hand in the toilet more times than I can count. It’s just that way with 5 kids. How else are you going to get the poop out of underwear during potty training without washing it down your sink? Interestingly, my hand took a dive in the toilet last week just to rescue a nail. Hey, any excuse works!! 😉
  5. I am becoming a geek. I guess anybody that is around Luke long enough will begin to form some geeky tendencies. I have learned to do a little with CSS (note I said a little) and am currently learning about Joomla!. I have learned to go to the computer every time I am curious about anything. I use it as a dictionary, Bible, phone, journal, TV, newspaper and several other things. I would be lost without my geeky computer (and the husband to go with it).
  6. I like the smell of new clothes and books. I know I will probably die with some form of sickness from sniffing them, but they just smell so good!
  7. Yes, all five are mine, they all have the same father, I do know what causes that, none of them are twins, I do have my hands full, and I’m loving it!

If you want to know more, read a previous post where I listed 5 things about myself.

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