Healthy Learning

Today marks day 2 of our home school year. I was in a crunch today, so I had Anna read her Health book out loud to Peter. Because they are going through a fighting stage (I hope), I walked out of the room thinking “yeah, right. That’s really going to go well!”

When I walked back into the room, Anna was explaining to Peter what good posture was, and doing a right good job! I tried to hide my surprise, but I think they might have heard my jaw when it hit the floor. 🙂

They spent at least half an hour on Health and talked about it some throughout the day as they worked to stand and sit with good posture. I think Peter got as much learning (if not more!) from that lesson than I could have given him, and Anna got a lot more out of it by teaching it to someone else!

So, I guess I just hired a new health teacher! 🙂

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