Hunting in the Forest

Well….not technically a forest. It was actually just a small group of pine trees on one side of a park. This is where we had a little family Easter egg hunt today.

The kids had a blast hunting eggs and then got to play on the playground. Bethany actually enjoyed a playground for the first time. She went down the slide and revealed a few new phrases. First, she said “my turn” as she walked up to the slide. Once she got to the bottom of the slide, she said with excitement, “I did it!” It is so cute listening to 2 year olds learn to talk! (Check back in a few days for more 2 year old phrases) 🙂

On the way back to the van, Luke noticed Bethany turning sideways as she walked and was looking at something behind her. When we discovered why she was doing this, Luke and I could not help but share a good laugh together. She had discovered her shadow for the first time. She was walking around wondering what that thing was that was following her everywhere she want. It was hilarious!

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