Anna’s First Appliance

We have known for months that Anna was in need of orthodontic treatment. She took the first step in that direction this week when she got her first appliance (as they call it). She sleeps in a device called a T4K. Since braces are not put on until all the permanent teeth are in, this device was developed as pre-orthodontic care for children between the ages of 6 and 8. It helps encourage the teeth to grow in properly and also helps with facial development and a few other things. To find out more, check out this site.

Anna has to wear the T4K every night one hour before bedtime and then sleep in it at night. She is currently strengthening her mouth muscles and training herself to keep her mouth closed in order to keep the T4K in at night. To do this, she has to hold a popsicle stick or q-tip between her lips with the device in for one hour a day for a month. It is a little sore on muscles that aren’t used to doing much, but after that month, she should be able to keep the T4K in all night.

Honestly, I think the hardest part for her is not being able to talk for a full hour during that hour of exercise. 😀

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