Disobedient Tears

Today Luke had a discussion with our boys about being tough. Because Peter was crying over nothing, Luke told them that only some things are worth crying about. Examples would be when you lose a loved one or when you realize you hurt someone else’s feelings. Of course there are other instances, too, but the point was that not being able to play with your favorite toy is not a good reason to cry.

A couple of hours after this conversation, I overheard Peter having this conversation with himself while sitting on his bed:

“I don’t cry because I can’t have candy. I’m trying not to cry but the water keeps coming out.” Then he scolds himself saying, “Stop, me! I don’t like this” and wipes tears from his eyes.

It was so cute! I just wanted to take him in my arms and love on him! Time is going WAY too fast for me!! It won’t be too long before he is taller than me (of course that isn’t really saying much)!! 😀

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