Embarrassing Moment

On Friday, I took all the kids to Wal-Mart in our station wagon (which is now for sale if anybody wants an old station wagon that runs…C'mon, you know you want one 🙂 P sits in the back of the station wagon facing the rear of the vehicle. We parked right next to a cart rack. As I was leaning in the stroller with my back to the rack, P said, “A girl!! A girl!!” Like it was the end of the world to see one of those things. So I said playfully (and very loudly), “Oh no!!! A girl!!!” Then I turned around to see a blonde, long  and curly haired GUY retrieving carts from the rack!! Since P was in the car, the guy did not hear what he had said. I know he heard me!! I was SO totally embarrassed. All I could do was pretend I didn't even know the guy was there as I mumbled under my breath “Thanks Peter.”

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