If you get technical….

When AM went to get dressed this morning, she realized she only had one clean shirt (I know, I know!! I'm way behind on laundry!!). When she realized that the only shirt she had was one that she doesn't like very much, she said, “Mom, I don't want to wear that shirt.” I replied with, “Well that's your only choice.” Then I went into the kitchen. She followed me, and here's how the conversation went.

AM: “So it's okay to just wear my PJs all day?”

me: “No, you have to get dressed.”

AM: “So, I have to wear the shirt I don't like.”

me: “yes.”

AM: “Okay. So really, I have no choice. You said I had a choice, but I don't get to choose at all. That confused me.”

me: (with eyebrows raised in surprise) “I guess you are right. I should have said, 'You have no choice.'”

It is a humbling experience to be corrected by your 6 year old daughter. I guess I better get used to it!!

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