I Will NOT Mop!!

Just so everybody knows, I really dis-like mopping. As a matter of fact, I was not planning to mop my kitchen before moving. I assure myself daily that this is not laziness because the house was bought by someone who is planning to do a lot of work in the house including replacing the linoleum in the kitchen. Why would I want to mop just so they can pull up my clean floor and throw it away? So, I'm not lazy….really. I'm also not mopping my kitchen floor!!

At least that is how I felt yesterday. Peter was very successful in changing my mind. He convinced me that the kitchen floor really needed to be mopped without saying a word! All he did was drop almost a whole gallon of orange juice on the kitchen floor. It went EVERYWHERE!! I know a gallon does not look like that much in the pitcher, but it takes up so much more room on the floor!! I had already gotten rid of my mop bucket and had just washed all my towels. There were barely any paper towels, and it probably would have taken the whole roll anyway. So, my clean towels are now sticky with orange juice!!

So 4 towels and a hand squeezed mop later, my kitchen floor looks nice and clean – even if it does get thrown in the garbage. Because since I had the mop out, I ended up mopping the whole kitchen floor. Like I said earlier, I am not lazy. Really. While you are laughing at that possibility, I will go wash a load of sticky, sweet smelling towels!!

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