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Group Writing Project: Homemade Gifts

I posted previously about saving money this season to put toward a worthy project. Hand made gifts are a great idea, and I think more of us would make gifts if we had a bit of inspiration. Soooooo, that’s where I need your help.

There are several options with this group writing project.

  1. Share a time in your past when you made gifts.
  2. Share an idea that you think would be a great one for a home made gift.
  3. Tell of a time when you received a home made gift.

I know this is a busy time of year, but take a moment to share a few ideas with those who are interested in saving money to give for a wonderful cause! Tell us about your fond memories or wonderful dreams for a handmade gift idea!

Pleas submit your entry by December 17 and link to this post. If you do not have a blog, just put your suggestions in the comment section below this post. I’ll be looking forward to your entries!

Group Writing Project: Favorite Nature Pictures

It has been a month since I began this group writing project, and I am just now realizing that it was not a group writing project. It is a group picture project. Maybe that is why not many people responded. Maybe people who like to write are not the same people who like to take pictures (although this is not true in my case). 🙂

Besides me (and I even posted mine late), my husband posted his favorite pictures, and Meg linked to me with a picture from her blog. I don’t know that it was her favorite, but it was a cool picture nonetheless.

If you meant to post your favorites and were too busy, too forgetful, or a combination of both, please go ahead and post your favorite pictures. If you don’t want to go through all your pictures, you can just pick one you like, or maybe you could let me know which pictures you like that others have posted. And then, of course, there is always the option of just enjoying the view.

My Favorite Nature Pictures

Because I got my dates mixed up, I am posting late for my own group writing project! 😐 So, if there is someone out there who still wants to participate, please don’t feel bad for submitting your picture late.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be just one picture. I am not sure I could pick one favorite picture, so I picked quite a few! I hope you enjoy them!

Group Writing Project: Favorite Nature Pictures

Last month’s groups writing project went well, so I decided to go for a 2nd round. This time I would like you to take a trip down digital memory lane and choose your favorite picture(s) that you took of nature and post them on your blog or link to them.

After you choose your picture(s) please link to this post and/or leave a comment with a link leading to your blog post and/or picture(s). 🙂 Since this is a photo project, you are welcome to link to your favorite picture(s) on your preferred photo sharing site. Please leave a comment or link by October 19, and I will link to your favorite picture(s) on my blog.

I am looking forward not only to my trip down memory lane, but also to seeing the results of all of your trips down memory lane! Happy memories! 🙂

Results of Favorite Smells Group Writing Project

When I read some of your “Favorite Smells” lists, my mind was refreshed to some favorite smells I overlooked in my list.

Em reminded me that I like the smell of freshly shampooed hair. The funny thing is, I never smell my own hair. It is usually on of my kids when they sit next to me.

Luke reminded me that I love the smell of oranges. There is something about the smell of an orange that makes you just have to eat one! I can look at one all day with no temptation, but the smell….. There is no scent that matches it. I don’t care for dish detergents and other artificial citrus scents, though. It has to be the real thing!

Dani reminded me that I like the smell of dryer sheets. I like the smell of the dryer sheets by themselves, but the best part is to smell them from outside when you walk by the vent to the dryer.

Thanks to those who participated! It was nice to share and even nicer to realize that I am not the only smelly one around! 🙂

If you are sorry to have missed this opportunity, take a peek at the end of this month to see what next month’s “My Favorite Things” group writing project will be!

Group Writing Project: Favorite Smells

After writing a previous post about My favorite smells, I began to wonder what your favorite smells are. In an effort to find out, I decided to start a monthly group writing project.

I got this idea from Robert Hruzek’s “What I Learned From” series of blog posts at Middle Zone Musings, who assigns a group writing project each month. He gets a lot of interesting responses.

I hope you will participate in my new “copy cat” venture by letting me know, on your own blog, what your favorite smells are and email me or leave a comment with a link. If you do not have a blog, you are welcome to put the list in my comments section.

I will pull together, and link to, everyone who responds to this group writing project by September 7. I can’t wait to hear (read?) from you! Stay tuned next month to see what the next “My Favorite Things” post will be!