Group Writing Project: Favorite Nature Pictures

It has been a month since I began this group writing project, and I am just now realizing that it was not a group writing project. It is a group picture project. Maybe that is why not many people responded. Maybe people who like to write are not the same people who like to take pictures (although this is not true in my case). 🙂

Besides me (and I even posted mine late), my husband posted his favorite pictures, and Meg linked to me with a picture from her blog. I don’t know that it was her favorite, but it was a cool picture nonetheless.

If you meant to post your favorites and were too busy, too forgetful, or a combination of both, please go ahead and post your favorite pictures. If you don’t want to go through all your pictures, you can just pick one you like, or maybe you could let me know which pictures you like that others have posted. And then, of course, there is always the option of just enjoying the view.

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