Group Writing Project: Favorite Smells

After writing a previous post about My favorite smells, I began to wonder what your favorite smells are. In an effort to find out, I decided to start a monthly group writing project.

I got this idea from Robert Hruzek’s “What I Learned From” series of blog posts at Middle Zone Musings, who assigns a group writing project each month. He gets a lot of interesting responses.

I hope you will participate in my new “copy cat” venture by letting me know, on your own blog, what your favorite smells are and email me or leave a comment with a link. If you do not have a blog, you are welcome to put the list in my comments section.

I will pull together, and link to, everyone who responds to this group writing project by September 7. I can’t wait to hear (read?) from you! Stay tuned next month to see what the next “My Favorite Things” post will be!

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