Another Man’s Treasure

I am not quite sure how it happened this way, but somehow I have always lived in a college city. I am used to it, but apparently I am not used to students in Rhode Island at the end of the school year.

You see, here in Rhode Island it is common practice to set any furniture or useful things that you have to get rid of on the curb outside your house. That way it can be “recycled” by a passerby who has a need for the item(s). We have set things we no longer needed out on the curb several times, and it was taken within a few hours!!

Graduation at Brown University was this past weekend. We happened to drive by the college yesterday and ended up bringing home a whole van load of brand new looking furniture! And I must say that it was just in time, since my mom just moved here, and we needed a bit more furniture to accommodate her.

The best part is that while we were looking at the furniture “displayed” on the curb, one of the college students came out and asked if we had use for a desk and chest of drawers. After I agreed that we could use them, he went inside, took the pieces of furniture apart, and brought them out to us to load in our van!!

So, here we sit enjoying our “new to us” furniture! I am sure we will be returning the favor to passerbys of our house in the near future! And the recycle continues on and on and on and on and………….

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