Acrostic Ice Breaker

Luke suggested a cool idea for getting your brain to cooperate while writing a blog post. The idea is to choose a word and make an acrostic for it. It is interesting how much you can get to know a person this way.

I had fun writing this acrostic about a sweater and hope that you will participate as well. If you do, please link to Luke’s original post, so he can enjoy your participation in his acrostic project! Have fun!

Soft –
The sweater I have in mind is very soft and comfortable. Because of this it is also…

Well worn –
Who can help wearing a favorite sweater even after it is well worn and ugly? Because I wear it alot, it has many occasions to be….

Electric –
Ever pull a sweater from the dryer and practically watch sparks fly as you pull another piece of clothing from it? Of course I have to be careful when drying it because it is 43%…

Acrylic –
Of course despite the fact that it is acrylic, it is one of my favorites, so it is…

Turned to time after time –
Unfortunately turning to it time after time can also be…

Embarrassing –
I am sure you are saying that I shouldn’t be embarrassed to wear my favorite sweater, but I guess I am weird. I never wear it to church any more because it looks old and worn. The only thing that makes up for its old and worn look is the fact that it is…

Rust colored –
Sweaters this color remind me of carpet or something old. In my opinion the fact that it looks old and worn tells the truth about it, and that is what makes it the perfect favorite sweater!

6 thoughts on “Acrostic Ice Breaker

  1. Luke Gedeon

    Hmm… You can learn a lot about a person by how they describe a sweater?

    So are you saying that you are embarrassing, rust colored or maybe acrylic? 🙂

    I will agree, though, that you are electric and turned to time after time.

    I love you

  2. Tabetha Gedeon


    You didn’t seem to be surprised that I might be soft or well worn?

    Seriously, though, the way each person thinks about or describes an item tells a lot about that person.

  3. Mark

    I just used the acrostic method to put together a sermon on John the Baptist. J = Joy, O = offensive,H = humble, N = Nazarite


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