Apple Fans

My family loves apples. We love to eat them, we love to play games about them, and we love to play on them. If I had been on top of it, I could give you a picture of them doing all three at once, but it is never good to eat an apple while you are playing on one because you might take a bit of the wrong apple (is that what happened)?

Since I can’t provide you with a picture of all three at once, I will at least give you proof that they are indeed apple fans. Here goes!

First, we took pictures of them all on the couch.



Because all the shirts are the exact same size, we had to so some shots of the kids standing up, so you can see the lenght of the shirts on each child.


At this point, Candice decided to show off by running up, smiling for the camera, and then running away! (Notice, she isn’t wearing a black shirt. It would have become a baby  swallowing monster on her! Maybe in a few  years)!


Then we decided to get a shot of each child individually. Gotta thoroughly show off those OS X shirts (lovingly called “the X shirts”)!!





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