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Batman or Spiderman?

Normally when  child wears an outfit as soon as he possibly can, it is because it is his favorite outfit. Apparently that is not so with Peter. Tonight he was wearing a pair of Batman pajamas that he wears a lot. Here is how the conversation went:

me: Hey Batman

Peter: I’m not Batman. I like being Spiderman!

me: I thought you liked Batman.

Peter: No, it’s Phillip that likes Batman.

me: Oh. Then why do you wear your Batman pajamas so much?

Peter: Because I want to hurry up and get them dirty, so I won’t have to wear them any more!

What a creative way not to have to wear a certain pair of pajamas. I would have never thought of it. As a kid, I would have been more likely to leave them in my drawer until I absolutely had to wear them, hoping that laundry would get done often enough that I didn’t have to wear them at all! I guess we don’t all think alike! What would you have done?

Christmas 2008 – Part 7

Well, since seven is the number of completeness, I decided to complete my series on our Christmas this year with a seventh post. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying Christmas together as a family! Hope you had a great Christmas 2008 and are very productive in this newborn year.

An Unwrapped Gift

We do not usually wrap our gifts to the kids, but this year a friend gave them gifts, too. For some reason, she wrapped the girls gifts’ but not the boys’. I didn’t notice, but evidently Peter is more observant than I am.

Peter: Mom, how come Anna got a present to unwrap on Christmas, and I didn’t?

me: Because the person who gave it to you decided not to wrap yours.

Peter: But I wanted to unwrap a present.

me: You should be thankful you got the gift and not worry about whether it was wrapped.

Peter: (thinking)

me: Did you know the best gift given to anyone was not wrapped? Jesus wasn’t wrapped.

Peter: Yes, he was. He was wrapped up inside his mommy. (so much for that idea)

me: Well, lets look at this situation positively. What nice thing could you say about not getting a wrapped present?

Peter: Congratulations, Anna?

Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-01-18

  • Just enjoyed a nice chat with a friend online….. #
  • 5YO: “Hey Mom! I’m about to win chess!” Me: “Who are you playing against?” 5YO: “Myself.”” #
  • @Cullens_Girl Tis very true! in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • @karenswim Cool! I scored very happy too! Who’da thunk? 😀 in reply to karenswim #
  • @roberthruzek COOOOOL!! You went over 100! It’s a great think you’re doing! I can see why you passed your goal!! in reply to roberthruzek #
  • @roberthruzek Yeah! Uh-huh! A good think! It probably was, but what I meant to say was, “It’s a good THING you are doing!” 😀 in reply to roberthruzek #
  • @karenswim Tis very true. I like my twitter name! in reply to karenswim #
  • Almost positive my 2YO has an ear infection. Should I take her to the doctor or treat it with tea tree oil? #
  • @Lorrie58 Thanks! She is my absolute favorite 2 year old! 🙂 in reply to Lorrie58 #
  • @simpsonsparadox Wow! That should be the cure for just about anything! 😀 in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • @Cullens_Girl already tried tea tree, but it can take a few days to do its work. Tried to call Dr, but they are booked…. in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • @Cullens_Girl It appears that I have no choice since dr is booked. I usually mix 1 part tea tree to 2 parts olive oil. Thanks for the site!! in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • @Cullens_Girl Moms do sacrifice a lot for their children, don’t they? But the children sure are worth it! in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • The tea tree/Olive oil mix for my 2YO’s ears, along with her body fighting infection, is working!! No antibiotics!! Cool! #
  • Somehow I have managed to hit my head on the ceiling twice this week! Me!! 5 foot tall! Huh? #
  • I think I’m gonna be sick! The MMR vaccine has tissue from aborted babies in it?! #
  • I’m new to this! How in the world do you clean a gas oven? 🙂 #
  • After 2 responses, I think I now know how to clean my gas oven. If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know I was wrong! 😀 #
  • Just said to 5YO, “Wanna watch me win computer chess?” Got beat 3 times instead, while he pointed out every error I made. Pride anyone? 🙂 #
  • Teriyaki stir fry! Yummmmm! #
  • Eating the last of my Christmas peanut brittle. Yum! #
  • Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My first room is completely organized and labeled!!! This is big, even if it IS only the bathroom!! #
  • @stretchmarkmama LOL!! That is hilarious! You crack me up!!! And I think you enjoy cracking people up!! in reply to stretchmarkmama #
  • Just listened to my hubby trying to tell his dad on the phone why his dad couldn’t hear him on the phone. 🙂 #
  • 5 kids bathed!!!! For some reason it about wore me out this time! Call it exercise? #
  • Kids in bed….studying my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. 🙂 #
  • @Cullens_Girl Me too! 🙁 in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • Had church at home this am b/c of the snow. Interstate didn’t get plowed….maybe b/c it is Sunday? #
  • @Cullens_Girl We are studying about Elijah. The older kids’ lesson is the same as the adults, so we had 2 SS teachers at home this am. 🙂 in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • @Cullens_Girl Talking about the Ladies study? This time we are just eating together and playing games. No study. It will be fun! 😀 in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • @Cullens_Girl Wondered if that is what you meant. 🙂 He is teaching from I Kings 17-19 about Elijah. in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • Me to 2YO, “Come here, my little princess.” 2YO: “I’m not a little princess; I’m a big princess!” At least she came when I asked, right? 🙂 #
  • @Cullens_Girl Cool! I think there are also workbooks @ church, so you’ll have to grab one Wednesday. in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • I’m trying to feel that warm feeling that happens when you give something away to someone else who can really use it. #
  • accidentally gave away our playpen. Set it by the neighbors’ door to shovel snow & forgot about it. They left a thank you note. #
  • @Lorrie58 It really kind of is…now that it is over. in reply to Lorrie58 #
  • @NatalieGrant It looks like they still do….unfortunately. 🙂 in reply to NatalieGrant #
  • @Lorrie58 Could be. It WAS free in the first place! in reply to Lorrie58 #
  • Mom, can I have more salad without the lettuce? #
  • Wow! I am amazed at God! He just provided me with a playpen through a wonderful friend! #
  • @Cullens_Girl Huh! We’re both amazed! LOL! in reply to Cullens_Girl #

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Christmas 2008 – Part 6

Anna is not far from changing from a girl to a young lady. She very much cares about her appearance and likes clothes and jewelry. It may not be too long before she wants clothing and jewelry instead of toys. Of course, she is a firstborn, and they tend to love playing with children, so who knows? She is playing with her My Little Pony house as I type! Still, this could be the last year she is excited to receive a toy for Christmas. My little girl is growing up!

Christmas 2008 – Part 5

I will share Peter’s Christmas with you today. It is interesting to see the difference in personality between my boys. While Phillip spent most of the whole morning looking at a single toy, Peter was constantly moving and went from thing to thing.

Christmas 2008 – Part 4

Because Candice was born in early January, she was almost a year old for her first Christmas. That means she was old enough to be everywhere, playing with everyone’s toys and the boxes they came in!

Christmas 2008 – Part 3

Today I am going to share Phillip’s Christmas with you. First of all, I feel like I should mention that Phillip’s favorite toy was a transformer. He spent almost all of his Christmas gift time trying to figure that thing out with his Dad. (That should tell you a something about him. Focused!) I took several pictures of him in pretty much the same pose and then figured I was getting a bit redundant. As a result, there weren’t nearly as many pictures of him as the other children. 😐

Christmas 2008 – Part 2

Luke recently did a series of pictures of our kids from a photo shoot we took. He posted pictures of each of our kids on a different day. This series is a take-off from his series. Call me copy cat! 🙂

This is the first Christmas Bethany has any chance of remembering. You will notice that in most of the pictures, she is wearing purple Dora pajamas. They were a gift that she just had to put on immediately! But I better not spoil too much for you! Enjoy!

Christmas 2008 – Part 1

Now that Christmas is well past, I think it is time to start telling you how Christmas went in our household. Don’t you think so? Because we have so many cool pictures, I am going to break this into quite a long series. There will be at least 6 parts. I hope I don’t bore you too much! 🙂

Each of our children has from a very young age had a blanket that is special to him or her. There are few items in our household that our children can say belong specifically to them, and their special blankets are one of those few. Because these blankets belong to specific children, we are able to use their blankets as identifiers.*

For instance, because of this wonderful heavy snow we have been getting this season, church has been canceled 3 times so far. On those occasions, in order to keep our children in their own space and (somewhat) contained while we had church at home, we had each child sit on his/her special blanket. It worked wonderfully!

Also, it has been a tradition for the last 2 or 3 years for us to set each child’s unwrapped Christmas gifts on his/her special blanket on Christmas morning. This allows the children to know immediately which gifts were intended for whom. Also, since the blankets are spread out, each child has a place set aside to sit on as they look at their stuff!

What do you think of our blanket identification idea? I’m definitely open for more Christmas morning traditions. What are your Christmas traditions or what were your traditions as a child?

* For those of you who might be wondering, I don’t have my children show their blankets as identification, and I really can tell my children apart without the blanket anywhere nearby. Really…I can. 😀