Batman or Spiderman?

Normally when  child wears an outfit as soon as he possibly can, it is because it is his favorite outfit. Apparently that is not so with Peter. Tonight he was wearing a pair of Batman pajamas that he wears a lot. Here is how the conversation went:

me: Hey Batman

Peter: I’m not Batman. I like being Spiderman!

me: I thought you liked Batman.

Peter: No, it’s Phillip that likes Batman.

me: Oh. Then why do you wear your Batman pajamas so much?

Peter: Because I want to hurry up and get them dirty, so I won’t have to wear them any more!

What a creative way not to have to wear a certain pair of pajamas. I would have never thought of it. As a kid, I would have been more likely to leave them in my drawer until I absolutely had to wear them, hoping that laundry would get done often enough that I didn’t have to wear them at all! I guess we don’t all think alike! What would you have done?

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