An Unwrapped Gift

We do not usually wrap our gifts to the kids, but this year a friend gave them gifts, too. For some reason, she wrapped the girls gifts’ but not the boys’. I didn’t notice, but evidently Peter is more observant than I am.

Peter: Mom, how come Anna got a present to unwrap on Christmas, and I didn’t?

me: Because the person who gave it to you decided not to wrap yours.

Peter: But I wanted to unwrap a present.

me: You should be thankful you got the gift and not worry about whether it was wrapped.

Peter: (thinking)

me: Did you know the best gift given to anyone was not wrapped? Jesus wasn’t wrapped.

Peter: Yes, he was. He was wrapped up inside his mommy. (so much for that idea)

me: Well, lets look at this situation positively. What nice thing could you say about not getting a wrapped present?

Peter: Congratulations, Anna?

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