100 Things About Me – #47

I have always hated sports and anything relating to sports! At least that is what I always thought.

I never played sports in school because my classmates liked to make fun of people when they messed up. Since I “messed up” a lot,  I figured that I just had no natural talent at sports and decided then and there that I hated them.

What I didn’t know was that if I had just laughed at myself with my classmates, things would have worked out a lot better, but that is an entirely different post, isn’t it?

I have learned since having children, that I really do like sports! I am just now learning to risk looking silly in front of others as I attempt to play sports.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I am playing with my homeschooled children. I can’t deprive them because I am afraid to look silly, or worse yet, unskilled at something that I truly have had no practice at!

I have played baseball, kickball, and actually got the opportunity to play soccer tonight. I had a blast!

So, I guess today I discovered something new about myself! I genuinely like at least some sports. I think I even like them enough to get together with friends to play games regularly! Sounds like fun!

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