100 Things About Me – #38

I like to run. Now, I don’t mean that I like to run miles at a time. I probably could not make it even half a mile without having to stop to catch my breath!

When I was growing up, I ran everywhere I went. When my dad sent me next door to my Grandma’s, I ran! When we went to the park, I ran. There was no better way to get from here to there (until, of course, I learned to drive!).

I learned recently that I still like to run. Over the summer, I played volleyball and soccer a few times. Whenever the ball got away from us, I almost always ran for it, even if others were going after it! There is just something exhilarating about running. The wind is in your face and you almost feel like you are flying! There’s nothing quite like it! I am glad to have rediscovered this long lost love for running (short distances!). 🙂

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