A Picture of Disappointment

... éveil ...!!!
Image by Denis Collette…!!! via Flickr

I was getting ready to tell you the 47th thing about me, when I discovered something that just had to be posted on my blog. Yes, I know,  you are so disappointed to have to wait a whole day to read about that 47th thing, but alas, you must wait!

So, are you ready to see what caused this dreadful disappointment? It is the picture on the right that I found on Zemanta! Zemanta is easy and cool to use. Unfortunately, I have no idea how it got on my blog. My husband is responsible for that. So, if you have questions about how to get it on your email or blog, you’ll have to talk to him.

On a side note, remember when I mentioned earlier that I don’t have much trouble with spelling? Evidently I have trouble with one particular word. For awhile I thought Zemanta was misspelling the word “license,” but after looking it up in the dictionary, I see that according to dictionary.com, “licence” is actually acceptable. I would like to point out, however, that my spell check does underline “licence” in bright red, but then again, it does the same thing to Zemanta! 🙂

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