Willfully Chosen

I just noticed tonight that my parents have been divorced for half my life! Weird! It seems like yesterday. I remember being so sure that they would get back together and be “the way they were.” I hung onto that hope until they both remarried. Now they have been apart for almost as long as they were together!

When Luke and I got married we discussed the issue of divorce and decided that we were together for life no matter what – no exception! And I believe it with all my heart. I am so glad we made that decision! Our kids will never have to go through the disappointment and heartbreak of discovering that their parents no longer want to be together.

Of course, the kids are not the only ones I am concerned about! It’s a great feeling for me too. I have no desire to have anything else whatsoever to do with divorce. And there is no feeling in the world like knowing that someone has willfully chosen to be committed to you no matter what. Maybe, just maybe, that is why God gave us a choice of whether or not to choose Him. There’s just nothing like being willfully chosen.

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  1. HelloKit

    As a child of recently divorced parents who should have gotten divorced much sooner, I have to say that sometimes it’s harder on the kids when parents who weren’t meant to be together, stay together. I’m glad your marriage is strong; I’m happy for anyone with a marriage that works. But when it’s not working, staying together isn’t necessarily the best thing for anyone involved.


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