Which Pumpkin Pie?

Our church is having a pie baking contest next Sunday. Because of this and the fact that Phillip has food allergies, I experimented with egg free, milk free, nut free pumpkin pies over the weekend. First I tried a recipe using gelatin instead of eggs. Then I tried the regular Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe and used one small banana for each egg and homemade evaporated soy milk for the evaporated milk.

The gelatin pie was good, but it really does not taste like pumpkin pie. The Libby’s altered recipe turned out to be pretty good and still had a pumpkin pie flavor. Of course, it is really banana pumpkin pie (with whipped cream on top, of course).

So, the choice Phillip-safe pie to be entered in the pie baking contest is the altered Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe! And the best part? Phillip got to eat his first slice of pumpkin pie!

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