Goin’ Courtin’

On October 17, 1998 while at a park with the Gedeons, Luke and I talked about and agreed to a courting relationship. It was a big day for us because we knew we were serious about the relationship and were looking for characteristics in each other that we would want in a spouse. And, of course, it was a big day just because we really liked each other and it was no longer a secret!

After Luke asked me to “court” and I accepted, we went on our first date with Luke’s sister and fiance at a nearby restaurant. I have no idea what we talked about on that date because I was too dazed by the fact that I was sitting across the table from my first real boyfriend! I was so glad to be together with him, and I am still glad 10 years later!

If you want to know more about Luke and me and our history, read some from my perspective and some from his. You can also stay tuned for other “10 year” memories that I am planning to share with you! 🙂

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