What an Icicle!!

I posted a picture previously of a large icicle that formed outside our house. Now that a month has passed, I guess it is high time I tell you a little more about that miniature ice tower.

The snow only stayed on the ground a few days, and then the temperature went up into the 50’s. As the snow melted, this humongous icicle formed just outside our living room window.

After it had been there about a day, it dawned on me that it might hurt just a little bit if it fell on a person’s head, so I decided that it had to be knocked off (the icicle, that is). Since it was located outside our 2nd story living room widow, I opened the window from the top and stood on our couch with a bat in hand. Scared yet?

With an icicle that big, I knew I would have to hit it pretty hard to knock it down, but I decided to give it a little tap to see just how firmly it was attached. Amazingly my small tap brought the entire icicle down from the very top where it was attached to the roof! It was so loosely attached that a good wind would have brought it down!

When I went outside to check it out, there was one chunk about as big as my head! And I will be the first to admit, that is pretty BIG!! 😀

Wanna see again?


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