Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-05-17

  • I think my 15 month old has finally adjusted to going down for a nap without her pacifier! Now to get her through bedtime without it! #
  • Anyone know how to remove inkjet printer ink from a shirt? #
  • Now, thanks to @stretchmarkmama, I can do this!!!! ★ ♫ ♥ ☆★ ♫ ♥ ☆ #
  • Just found a really cool site for online and/or printable worksheets!!! #
  • @lgedeon You could always tweet it in reverse reverse chronological order! 😉 in reply to lgedeon #
  • 10 years after getting my cast iron skillets, I think I might have them seasoned correctly! Now they keep that shiny black look. #
  • Just enjoyed a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal with raisins (therefore technically slightly sweetened) for the 1st time in my life! #
  • How could I ever have disliked raisins? How?! #
  • Oh cool! I can’t wait to try this out!
    /160_600.jpg #
  • I cooked 14 pounds of green beans and 3 pounds of onions today!! That is definitely a first!!! #
  • me to 9YO, “You should always try to make sure that only positive words come out of your mouth…aw man! I forgot to spice the green beans!” #
  • @simpsonsparadox It would “seam” that we have the same anti-“seem” issue. 😀 in reply to simpsonsparadox #

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