Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-04-26

  • I just absentmindedly put milk in all my kids’ cereal, even the child with an allergy to milk! #
  • I’m now on day 3 of the 1st phase of the south beach diet. Anyone out there every try it? #
  • Just took the lid off salad dressing, set it down, & then picked it up & shook it. Yep, there was a big oily mess to clean up after that! #
  • Just got slightly carried away. Spent an hour taking typing tests online. I LOVE to type! #
  • Who ever heard of being sore from typing?! #
  • Need a little humbling? Read Philippians 2. #
  • Is there any video you can’t find on youtube?! #
  • @simpsonsparadox Leave it to me to ask a ? & then forget I asked! Just got this reply 😐 Good luck to you too! Hope all is going well! in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • @simpsonsparadox So sorry….been out of the loop on twitter lately… The week with the extra kids went wonderfully! I enjoyed myself! 🙂 in reply to simpsonsparadox #
  • No voice this morning…guess I might not be leading music at church…… #
  • Isn’t it cool that you can still whisper even when you have no voice? #
  • Still have very little voice left, but I somehow managed to sing this morning. Good thing I sing alto! 🙂 #
  • Organized my 1st clothing swap today. Afterwards, I have decided that I have a bit of learning to do about organizing events! #
  • I have an awesome husband!!! #

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