Sugar, Sugar Everywhere

I have now been on the South Beach diet for a week. One of the parts of this diet is that you are not allowed to have sugar for the first 2 weeks. This has been quite a challenge, not because we just can’t live without sugar, but because sugar is in absolutely everything!

Just for the fun of it, you should start reading the labels at the grocery store just to see how hard it is to find something that is genuinely sugar free.

The biggest shock to us was salad dressing. We looked up and down the aisle of several different stores looking for any salad dressing that did not contain sugar or corn syrup. Even the fat free and light dressings had sugar as an ingredient. We ended up finding one salad dressing that was genuinely sugar free.

The one life saving dressing was Newman’s Own Olive Oil & Vinegar. I am not a big fan of vinegar, but this dressing actually tastes good. I have been eating it daily for a whole week and am not tired of it yet. That is saying something.

Anyone else have experience looking for genuine sugar free products? I’d love to know what you found! Please share! Homemade recipes are allowed too! 🙂

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