Phones Mean Noise!!

What is it about talking on the phone that causes children to go haywire? The kids can be perfectly content and playing in their room…until I dial a phone number. Then their little radar detectors go off, and they all flock to the living room!

I don’t have a clue how they can tell from down the hall that Mommy is on the phone, but they come faster then than when I call them to the living room!! Maybe I should pick up the phone and pretend to talk every time I want them to come quickly. Nope, it probably wouldn’t work because their radar detectors wouldn’t go off! Oh well!

Maybe I should always have something in mind that I need done. Then when they come into the living room, I can say, “Hey, I’m so glad you came in here. The floor needs swept.” If I kept that up, it would eventually get to the point where when they came into the room, I could just point at the job to be done without saying a word, and they’d get busy (yeah right!!) 🙂 It is more likely that they’ll walk in the room, see me on the phone, and tiptoe back to their room as fast as their little legs will carry them. Either way I get a peaceful phone conversation! I’ll have to experiment and see if it works.

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