How Ironic! (or is it?)

Isn’t it ironic that when you are pregnant, your center of gravity changes so that you drop things a lot? It is not easy during the late stages of pregnancy to pick something up. And what about all those bathroom trips? Aren’t you supposed to get more rest when you are pregnant?

As I was thinking about these things, I was struck by an answer. Who knows whether it is the right answer, but it seems worth pondering anyway! Maybe the reason you drop things is so you’ll pick them up! Sound crazy? Everybody that has been in the late stages of pregnancy can tell you that bending over to pick something up is not an option. You kind of have to squat because of your large belly. Supposedly squats are good for pregnant women, yet who would do them by choice? (Well I’m sure some would, but it is so uncomfortable and sometimes painful)! Maybe you drop things to help you practice those healthy squats!! And maybe the bathroom trips are to get you prepared for waking up for night feedings.

There’s my personal logic. It may be a bunch of bologna. If so, don’t tell me. It satisfies me to think there is a good reason for these things!! Even if there weren’t, though, the precious prize you get at the end of it all would be worth it, huh! Okay, never mind!! You can tell me if I’m wrong!! 🙂

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