One Step Ahead

There are several baby products I have heard of or seen while visiting friends, that I had never seen in a store. Of course, I haven’t been to the big name baby stores, so that might be why. But today I stumbled upon a catalog that has just about any baby product you could imagine. They have baby gates that open and close on hinges and gates that reach wider than the average door. They have protectors for surge protectors, braces to keep furniture from tipping over on a child, an inflatable travel tent bed with UV protection, a bath stool with storage for bath supplies, car chargeable bottle warmers, a dishwasher basket that actually shakes to give cup valves an extra bit of cleaning, and the list goes on and on. I must admit that there are some products that seem to go a bit overboard – like the helmet to keep your child from hitting his head on the coffee table or the dome cover to keep a baby boy from giving you a shower during a diaper change. But for the most part, One Step Ahead has some pretty nifty products!! To see other items offered by One Step Ahead, go to their website:

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