One More Birthday

While backing out of a space at our apartment complex yesterday, we got pretty close to another car. Peter yelled out, “Hit it, Dad!” Luke said, “If we hit that car, we won’t be able to eat for 2 years because we’ll be paying for the car.” AM was talking about how long that would be to go without food until Luke reminded her that you can only live about a month without food. AM then asked, “Dad, does my birthday come before a month is over?” When she found out that it would, she said, “Good, At least I’ll be 7 before I die!!” Talk about goals in life!!!

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3 thoughts on “One More Birthday

  1. marie

    hey, tab! will you email me with your physical address once more? i have a box of goodies to send — i finally have it all packed and ready to go (after 9 months), but i’d like to confirm your address–

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