Ni Hao? Xie Xie?

Bethany is really picking up on the few Chinese words we use regularly. I had heard that small children pick up on a new language more easily, but it is interesting to see it happen myself. It is obvious that she is able to recognize words that are Chinese because when she hears one Chinese word, she will start saying other Chinese words.

At breakfast today, I handed Bethany a muffin. After she took it, I said, “Say thank you.” She said, “Welcome….I mean, Ni Hao (hello) …..I mean, Xie Xie (thank you)….bukeqi (you’re welcome).” I think she was just reciting Chinese words she knew, not really sure of which words mean what, but she will learn soon enough! Who knows, she may end up being our translator in a few years!!

2 thoughts on “Ni Hao? Xie Xie?

  1. amanda

    Have you watched the NioHao KaiLan series from Nick Jr. with your kids?

    The best was to explain it is that KaiLan is the Chinese version of Dora the Explorer.

  2. Tabetha Gedeon

    Funny, I just noticed that I never replied to this question. 🙁

    We don’t have a TV, but the kids love to play games on the Nick Jr. website. On the site, there are also short video clips of all the Nick Jr cartoons. They love to watch KaiLan on there! And she does seem very much like Dora!


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