Engineer in Training

Several months ago I realized that Phillip seems to have a natural knack for engineering and things that take a lot of concentration. While playing a game of monopoly for family night one night, I looked over at Phillip and saw that he was lining up the hotels and houses in perfectly straight lines. Since then I have noticed that it is not an unusual occurrence to walk into a room and find toys lined up neatly. One day I saw a frisbee with a perfect ring of crayons around the edge. I knew instantly that it was Phillip’s handiwork.

From early on, Phillip has liked things to be very neat and in their place. When I come home from the grocery store, he pulls groceries out of the bags and starts putting them away. Whenever we are looking for something, Phillip is the one we are likely to ask first because he tends to know where things are.

Phillip also likes to take things apart and put them back together. Because of this, Peter has picked up on Phillip’s engineering-like abilities. When one of his toys breaks, he is very likely to ask Phillip to try to fix it. Several times I have heard Peter say, “Mom, will you help me with this? Never mind. Phillip figured it out!”

It is so interesting to see the kids’ interests forming when they are so young! I can’t wait to see how they use their individual interests and abilities as they grow into adulthood! I am looking forward to seeing how God uses each of them!


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