Craziest Hour of the Day

Here is my crazy hour for the day. I’m glad there was only one!!

Candice was quite fussy this morning, so I ended up putting her in her bed to cry safely while I mixed some infant oatmeal for her. As I was beginning on the oatmeal mix, an orange soda that had been calmly sitting on top of the refrigerator decided to take a leap onto the floor beneath it.

Now, you have to understand the reputation of our floor. It is hard glossy tile that seems to win against everything that dares to fall on it (including me, but that is another story).

So, the orange soda decided to take a leap to see what happened. What happened was the can ended up squashed on one side and started crying orange soda everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). So, I grabbed it and comforted it in the sink until it stopped crying. Unfortunately, the baby had not stopped.

I left the orange on the floor and finished mixing the cereal for Candice. It was then that I realized that  the orange soda tears were all over the floor around the highchair, so I had to clean them up before giving Candice her cereal.

Finally the mess was cleaned up, and I was ready to feed Candice….right after I put the mop away. But before I got that far, Peter said, “Ew…..Mom, what is that stuff all over Bethany?!” Sure enough, she had dumped Candice’s bowl of cereal all over herself. So, then I proceeded to clean up mess #2. Then I proceeded to make bowl of cereal #2. Then FINALLY I fed Candice! Then the kids and I sat back and enjoyed some orange soda! My new motto:  “When life throws a soda at you, turn it up and take a drink.”

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